Moe Green – “Lights, Camera, Action”

08.18.10 6 years ago 3 Comments

Early this morning, in between lethargic clicks, keystrokes, and putting off my journey to class, my RSS feed informed me that Moe Green had leaked a bonus track from Rocky Maivia… Sure enough, one apathetic push of the mouse later I was listening to “Lights, Camera, Action” and ready to start making something out of my day.

The song is infectiously energetic and upbeat; definitely single material, much more than the castaway bonus joint that it’s been reduced to. The precise scratches complement the vigorous synths and bass so well that it took me a few listens to realize they weren’t actually one sound. And by repeating “Lights, Camera, Action” on the hook, Moe Green turns the title into a lively vibe that reminds me of fans rooting for the hometown hero. It definitely got me moving off my lazy ass, which is a testament in itself. I bumped the track full blast in my Skullcandies all the way till my bus reached campus.

Damn shame I still got to class fifteen minutes late, and without a pen at that.

Moe Green – “Lights, Camera, Action” | Download

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