Money Malc – “I Came Up”

08.13.09 8 years ago 5 Comments

Even if Money Malc’s “I Came Up” visits familiar Hip-Hop territory in subject matter (money, jewels, haters, etc.), it’s still a track worth noting. Military drums add an aura of desperation, while Malc and cohorts Straps and Sam Scarfo start slugging punchlines. While never displaying groundbreaking rhymes schemes or breath control, there are moments that suggest Malc may be more than your average street rapper. Lines like “I don’t even really like jewelry/I just wear it to aggravate the haters” suggest at least a sense of humor.

All in all though, this is simple gangster rap. And like a fresh scoop of vanilla ice cream on a hot summer’s day, sometimes simplicity does the trick.


Download — Money Malc Feat. Straps & Sam Scarfo – “I Came Up”

As a bonus & a forewarning, we’ll be releasing Money Malc and Mick Boogie Scrilla Season 3 (Based On Morals). Check out his previous “Ear To The Street” feature in The Source & get up on the game.

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