California Man Arrested Because His Money Reeked Of Marijuana

10.02.13 4 years ago 36 Comments


You’re a police officer. You pull over a black Mercedes-Benz with $47k in cash in the trunk. That large sum of cash happens to smell like pot. Like, reeks of it. You can smell it from across the road, so loud is this scent. What are your thoughts on the car, its drive and the money in tow?

According to the reports, Sebastopol, California-based police officers jumped to the same conclusion that the majority of us would. This reaction led to the vehicle’s driver, William David Bush, getting popped for possessing drug money, even if no actual marijuana was found in company with the money.

“Bush offered various explanations for the money including that it came from his ATM business and that his mother had given it to him. He was taken into custody in court and faces a maximum four years in jail at his Oct. 24 sentencing.

“He represented himself in the two-day trial, rejecting initial prosecution offers to drop the felony charge if he forfeited the money.

“A search of Bush’s bank records showed $113,000 in cash deposits over a two-year period. There were no payroll checks, officers said.” [Press Democrat]

Unfair? Eh.

Also found in the car was a note describing various dope strains, receipts for outdoor grow equipment and THC residue. It’s pretty obvious what was going down. The War On Drugs might be a giant failure and waste of money, but dumb drug dealers will still get caught.

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