MoRuf – “Tangerine/her.” Video

04.08.14 3 years ago

MoRuf’s rhymes stay effusive about his love for the lay-dees so it’s natural for his visuals to follow suit. His newest video keeps things simple with a few shots of him, fruit and some rare around the way girls. The casting move’s genuine, rather than exploitative, as it fits his “Love Over Everything” mantra and appreciation for black women.

“Tangerine/her.” yields an ample dose of feelgood soul for anyone seeking relief from the everyday riff-raff. “Tangerine” is an interesting choice though since it’s a demo. At the same time it sounds like listeners gain some insight on MoRuf as an artist since he tests his vocal chops. Seek Shades.Of.Moo if MoRuF’s sound is new to you but catches your ears. He’s got plenty of records on that project to win you over.

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