Mos Def – “24 Hour Karate School”

12.17.09 8 years ago 19 Comments

If Mos Def’s current Hip-Hop aptitude was practicing karate, he’d be Ralph Macchio. Getting his ass bullied from suburban yuppies before Mr. Miyagi had the chance to teach him a little backbone. Getting swirlies in the toilet and muscled for his lunch money.

Put ’em in a body bag Black Jack!”

That’s what the fans scream. That’s what they think they’re getting. Nope. Nada. Nathan. It’s like it almost causes pain to spit an energetic sixteen bars. The lazier the flow, less ice for the knees seems to be the motto.

If this is karate school, his gi would be three sizes too big and he’d come to mat wearing socks. The discipline is long gone. He needs a Sho’Nuff to get him motivated again.


Download — Mos Def – “24 Hour Karate School” (Produced By Ski Beatz)

Ninja star throw: XXL

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