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Mos is having one hell of a week.

First, there was news of his forthcoming album The Ecstatic that seems to have gotten the green light. Then there was the announcement of the Reflection Eternal & Black Star reunions that clearly bought glee to many a fan across the globe. Speaking of reunions and green lights, The Brazilian Job is also finally underway, and Mos is still co-starring in it. Mr. Dante Smith also rocked Carnegie Hall with Jay Electronica and went further to share the stage with the legendary Gil Scott Heron.

Life seemed like it couldn’t get better for M.Deffer.

Until Alana Wyatt(Smith), Mos’ (ex) wife decided to release a book about…well, their (past) relationship.

I’ll give Alana the benefit of the doubt and avoid obliterating her person/character. But, Ms. Wyatt, a few words of cautionary advice, if I may:

1. When you’re resume reads “7th grade drop out,” “video girl” and “former stripper”, you are already fighting an uphill battle in terms of credibility, so do not adopt (or straight swagger-jack), the Karrine Steffans approach. You are not an author. This will not end well for you.

2. When trying to prove that you have been abused in a relationship, avoid listing people you cheated with during this same relationship. Also avoid bragging about how many other men you could (not) have listed as well.

3. It is definitely not appropriate to validate adulterous suspicions by perpetually being seen with the man you were previously involved, and bore a child with, as well as several other famous men. Not a good look, ma’am.

4. We are also partially incredulous to the fact that a man who would divorce, settle and separate from a wife of 10 years, 2 kids, would hesitate to sign divorce papers with you, his (maybe) wife of (maybe) a year or two, who he (maybe) abused, and (maybe) had a child with him.

5. This list could go on forever. Suffice it to say, penning tell all books is kind of like Ja Rule releasing an album at this point. It will get you criticized, chastised, and disrespected on a few notable websites, your sales will still be trivial, and your life even more pathetic than it was before. Alana, fall back.

I imagine Mos is somewhere shaking his head, brushing his shoulders off, on his way to the bank, still having the best week ever.

Mos Def’s Wife Pens Tell All [EurWeb]

— Read the first few chapters of the “book” here or buy it here.

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