Moses Sumney – “Replaceable” Video

08.04.13 4 years ago 5 Comments

Moses Sumney Replaceable Video Lead

Artists always ask “How do I get featured on sites? Should I pay for a publicist or marketing?”

The answer to question one is to make good music. That’s a surefire way to capture the eyes and ears of the media and audiences you covet. The answer to question two isn’t as simple. If your product is polished and proven powerful – refer back to question one – then, a skilled publicist may be able to assist or a little marketing giving it a push can’t hurt.

But when you’re music is as strong as Moses Sumney’s, relying on word of mouth can work wonders, too, and the costs are considerably cheaper.

Moses’ “Replaceable” was sent to me by a friend who knows his stuff and he actually received it from another friend who also has strong tastes. And we all seem to agree that Moses has the it that separates the haves from the have nots. What it is exactly is hard to describe. Nothing about his song or the accompanying one-take, no edits video falls under a singular iTunes category. It’s soul, folk, a bit bluesy and maybe one or two other genres working in harmony. More than any other characteristic, “Replaceable” contains brilliant melody, which Moses cites as the starting point for the song itself.

“It started with a melody. Sometimes I hear overlapping vocal melodies and harmonies in my head, and need a way to bring them to life. That’s why I started looping. So the most important part of that song, to me, is the moving melody. The lyrics kind of just came naturally. I tried to write a song that, instead of the typical “you’re-no-good” break-up song, gives perspective into the psychological trauma that causes us to treat people like they’re expendable, and how those are cyclical behaviors. (Listen to the 2nd verse.)”

Sumney may be new, but he’s far from an unknown, having received quite a lot of press and critical praise. With a voice like his, his story will continue to gain momentum, one song and one person at a time.

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