Moss Da Beast Cranks Out A Sleeper Hit With “This Summer Is Mine”

07.13.14 4 years ago

“You can try to blanket with the hate, but you can’t stop the shine”

From the first low-fi guitar licks to the final chest-thumping chorus, there’s no point amidst Moss Da Beast’s new single “This Summer Is Mine” where we’re not impressed. The beat from 1Mind is feel good flames and radio ready. The verses from the Chicago-Nashville rapper are on point as can be and Mr. Adams drops a crazy R&B-rap verse to close out the song.

Someone get Titty 2 Chainz and K-Camp on the remix to this ASAP, because this is hit material. In the meantime, download this and the rest of Da Beast’s Marley Son 3 mixtape and don’t hesitate to let the track take over your summer rotation.

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