Showmanship > Swag…

08.14.09 8 years ago 7 Comments

Respect to David D.’s phenomenal female fitness regimen, but I just watched the best infomercial ever.

Flipping through the tube, PBS’s relentless effort to save themselves sucked me into a never-ending plea to buy Motown Memories, a $200 5-DVD set of forgotten footage from the most renown record label ever. Despite the rather-buy-an-ounce-of-goods price tag, it was actually pretty sweet. Instead of the typical over-the-top infomercial antics of QVC and them, the supreme Mary Wilson was chilaxing in Studio 1 on West Grand Boulevard, reminiscing on the good ol’ days…instead of just trying to sell me some shit. Luckily, she was also introducing some of the coolest performance footage I’ve seen in a hot one, courtesy of the oh-so-elegant Temptations.

With their poetry in motion and classy choreography, The Tempts put on an act that has been long forgotten by today’s subpar standards. Watch them boys glide in “My Girl” and try not to make a Jackay face. I dare you. How incredible is that Eddie Kendricks can look so bad ass in that black/red suit, then almost unexpectedly belt out the beautiful “Just My Imagination” at the tenor of an angel? Plus, David Ruffin’s dip @ the 1:53 mark in “Ain’t To Proud To Beg” would make Chris Brown bite his own cheek off it’s so perfect.

Screw the ballin’ and phony-bologna beefs, this is what music is all about.

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