Movies Go Mobile With UltraViolet Digital Library

10.20.11 6 years ago


“Entertainment companies and electronics makers have promised a future in which people will buy a movie once and then watch it on any of their gadgets. With a new service called UltraViolet that lets users build an online library of movies, Hollywood has taken a big step toward making that a reality.

“After three years of negotiations, last week a consortium of large Hollywood studios, gadget makers and retailers launched a cloud-based service that lets people watch online or mobile versions of the movies they bought on DVD or Blu-ray. This free “digital locker” keeps track of movie purchases and gets copies of them onto laptops, smartphones and more.

“Movie and electronics companies have begun rolling out UltraViolet services on a few devices for a few movies and haven’t given a timeline for when there will be more. But they say eventually UltraViolet movies will work on many different devices and, by the end of the year, will come with most new Hollywood titles.”

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