Video: Mr. Finley Talks Las Vegas Gang Culture

05.13.10 8 years ago 17 Comments

The streets have conveyed a message that’s been handwritten in blood for the past few decades: gangs are real and not meant to be glorified. Mr. Finley has been marking his absentee ballot for the past few months, but with the hustle renewed and studio time booked, he’s ready to have presidents represent him like his hometown of Las Vegas already does.

Seeing is understanding and to fully grasp the ulterior motives surround Mr. Finley’s lyrics and musical preferences, it’s best for you to see where he’s coming from. Here, he exposes Las Vegas for the shimmering Tinseltown it is not and you get to meet his Pops who originated the first Blood set before there was even a strip.

The Ghet-O-Vision/Def Jam signee is already winning from making it out of this urban jungle. Keep it locked.

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