MTV VMAs To Air Public Service Announcements About Ferguson

08.24.14 3 years ago 5 Comments

When the words “MTV Video Movie Awards,” “public service announcement” and “Ferguson” appear in the same sentence, none of us truly know what to expect. But it’s happening.

The VMAs kick off in a little less than two hours in Los Angeles and during commercial breaks several PSAs are slated to air. MTV President Stephen Friedman said in a statement to The Hollywood Reporter, “It’s a call to action to our audience that we have to confront our own bias head-on before we can truly create change. The ongoing message for our audience is not to be color blind, but to be color brave.”

Below is another clip MTV will feature during its pre-show with several millennials addressing stereotypes. “MTV has been covering the events in Ferguson from the Millennial point of view since they first began,” a network statement read. “Utilizing all of our screens — from short-form, powerful interstitials on-air to editorial posts online and ongoing Twitter conversation, MTV has tapped into the confusion and emotion still permeating around this story.”

Let’s see how these are received.

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