MTV Unveils New Algorithm-Based New Music Meter

12.14.10 7 years ago 5 Comments

Pop & Hiss:

MTV Music Meter will offer fans an easy-to-navigate interface where they can explore 100 of the most buzzed about up-and-coming artists (huge mainstream acts have been purposely pulled from the top feed — though they are still accessible to explore).

Dermot McCormack, EVP of Digital Media, MTV Music & Logo at MTV Networks, said creation of the site was a way for the network to tap into the world of social networking and sharing. McCormack said MTV teamed with a company called EchoNest to develop a unique (and rather complicated, he jokes) algorithm that searches social media, blogs and video streams to populate the list and provide daily updates of bands as a way for fans to discover new acts.

“It’s not a simple tally of most Twitter mentions. It’s a little more complicated. It’s one that we tweak and it’s a bit black boxy. It’s not a streaming service, it’s not a download service. It’s a mechanism to discover new music and share new music,” McCormack said. “It’s not, hey, give me the most talked about artist on Twitter. It’s give me someone with velocity — the input of this massive social conversation going on. It’s a curated conversation. It moves on a daily basis, frankly, the way the Web does.”

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