Shots At Greatness: Muhammad Ali In Pictures With Famous People

By 03.29.12

While toying around on Tumblr and simultaneously having a conversation with David, I picked up on two things.

1. Before the paparazzi documented celebrities and star athletes every move for them, Muhammad Ali invited the cameras in to capture so many moments of his life.

2. You’re nobody if you haven’t taken a photo with the greatest boxer of all-time. Rack up all the accolades you want, win Nobel prizes, make a gazillion dollars but your fame isn’t cemented until you’ve taken a pic with Ali.

All of these pictures just highlight how much of a dynamic personality The Greatest was and still is. Ali is easily one of the most revered athletes and public figures of our lifetime, and it’s made evident by how many stars from all walks of life went out of their way to take pictures with him or just be in his presence. Combine that with the fact that Ali was such a media magnet and there are tons of pictures documenting these actions. If only I could be a fly on the wall for these conversations.

Ali with big bad Andre The Giant

Ali with his trainer Angelo Dundee

Ali and Dundee again

Ali alongside other boxing champs and Don King

Ali with the equally eloquent with words Howard Cosell

Ali with Cosell

Ali and the Honorable Elijah Muhammad

The king of the ring with the King of Rock & Roll

Ali and Elvis

Muhammad with late singer Etta James

With literary great Hunter S. Thompson

The man formerly known as Cassius Clay with the man formerly known as Detroit Red

Malcolm shoots a photo of Muhammad

Ali with Michael J. Fox

With the only boxer who caused as much fear in the hearts of opponents, Mike Tyson

Miley Cyrus and boyfriend Liam Hemsworth

Ali and Pele

With two basketball legends, Bill Russell and Kareem Abdul Jabar

The champ trains Sammy Davis, Jr.

The Beatles

Down the go The Beatles

The Jacksons get The Beatles back

With the King of Pop

Ali and Dylan

Malcolm and Muhammad, again

With Bill Cosby

Stevie and Ali pose together


Yes, even Superman gets in on the action, thanks to Neil Adams

With the Terminator

The President stakes him claim to fame

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