Myck Kabongo – No Hype Needed Mixtape

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Oh No Gif

See that GIF? The one right above. Yeah, that one.

That was me following this sequence. First, allow me to provide some form of context. Myck Kabongo’s (aka 2EZ) No Hype Needed tape came recommended from a trusted source. Having known this trusted source for years, giving the project a listen wasn’t a problem. It wasn’t like he billing the project the greatest thing to happen to the Internet since streaming porn.

Just give it a listen. So I did. Upon landing on the tape’s DatPiff page, however, the first sentence read “Professional Basketball player chasing his dreams and giving motivational music.”

Great. Just great.

Aside from family and closest friends, sports (in particular, basketball) and music are two loves inseparable to my own life. They define who I am as a person and as a man. So, yes, basketball is spectacular. And music is therapeutic.

But when professionals from each sport attempt to crossover (no pun intended) into the other’s lane, the results are normally catastrophic. Need proof? Look at Jay Z throwing a football. Even worse, take a gander at Wale’s lowlights from last weekend’s Celebrity All Star Game.

Wale’s about as good at basketball as I am at child birth.


All that being said, I gave it a listen regardless. And to call a spade a spade, NHN wasn’t half bad. Needed’s not a classic by any stretch of the imagination, but it’s not terrible either. At Myck’s most uncomfortable moments arises mundane hooks on songs like “No Hype Needed” or an unneeded record altogether a la “All Over The Place,” which is as aptly titled a song as there is on the 12-track tape.

But therein lies a strength. The project’s a quick listen. You’re in and you’re out. The 2011 McDonald’s All-American and Jordan Brand Classic participant’s standout records come when introspection is the main objective, a la “Layup Line” featuring a rapper named Ea$y Money (who just happens to be leading the NBA in scoring right now).

Yep, as in Kevin Durant.

To keep it 100, tracks 8-11 represent No Hype Needed’s strongest stretch. Myck’s flow requires polishing, something he’ll inevitably work on if music is indeed the focus now. But for his inaugural full-length endeavor – and at the risk of sounding lame as hell – he didn’t put the game on his back and announce the arrival of pop culture’s next great superstar. He’s not.

But he didn’t pull a John Starks and go 2-18 from the floor in Game 7 either.

DownloadMyck Kabongo (aka 2EZ) – No Hype Needed

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