“If It Ain’t 808 In Da Trunk, It Ain’t Knock…”

11.21.09 8 years ago 10 Comments

I have no explanation why I woke up with this song in my head. The music junkie’s brain processes memories to the forefront rather strangely. Regardless, it got me charged; hearing those thunderous 808s blare from whatever contraption Organized Noize developed them from. It’s also funny how an ambiguous pairing of Mystikal and Outkast could thread the lines of squeaky clean-Dirty South funk.

On paper, you’d think Mystikal would’ve got destroyed, ripped to shreds. Although he had finally emerged as his own man after his enlistment on No Limit Records, this was Outkast at the height of their media darling takeover. MC Mystikal still earned a ribbon with his own lyrical branding, especially with the line “I wash ’em up/ring ’em out and throw ’em in the dryer!!!

Of course The Brothers Stankonia bodied the track. Big Boi ran laps around the beat like his name was Michael Johnson (the metaphor works for the song’s timeframe) and Dré…well…I mean…you hear it.

Snag this and turn it up LOUD. Picturesque lyricism in abundance.

Download — Mystikal Feat. Outkast – “Neck Uv Da Woods”

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