Guilt-Free Listening: Nacho Picasso’s ‘High & Mighty’ Album Stream

11.06.13 4 years ago

nacho picasso high mighty album cover

Once a scumbag, always a scumbag, so suggests “Sounds like an outro,” which is not coincidentally the closing track to Nacho Picasso’s High & Mighty album. It’s a way of life, and Nacho serves it up in all its glory for 12 songs.

Coming from the same town as Nacho, it’s been cool to see his musical progression over the last couple of years. The goofy and purposely offensive wit immediately caught my attention – the more offensive, the better IMO – and Nacho always keeps me entertained with his incredible one-liners for days.

High & Mighty shows the most growth, by leaps and bounds, and is in a different league from its predecessors. He’s still the lovable antithesis to another big rapper from Seattle, but this time around, it’s like Nacho on steroids (and whatever other drugs he’s on).

While he sounds much more polished and refined, he’s teetering between diabolically dark humor and lighter, glibber shit-talking. Nacho even sounds a little emo, sings a tiny bit, and goes so far as to creepily whisper-rap on “Sounds Like The Intro,” which despite its name, is not the intro. “Duck Tales” is my favorite, right now. Over a League of Starz beat, in true Nacho fashion, he’s chanting a chorus of ‘don’t hold a grudge, hold a d*ck,’ whilst dedicating it to all the pretty girls. Thanks, Nacho!

Head over to BandCamp to purchase if you want to help Nacho stay High & Mighty.

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