Did Kelis Just Break Nas’ Piggy Bank?

04.13.10 8 years ago 29 Comments

This whole Nas V. Kelis saga is over. Yep, finally. Kelis won and in turn she gets…wait for it…$299,015.50. Is it just me or does dude keep getting raped for more and more money? As if that wasn’t enough:

He was also ordered to pay her $155,787.28 legal bill and $48,549.83 accounting expenses at yesterday’s hearing.

That is some sorely spiteful BS right there. Real talk, even if the broad can suck a pool ball into a straw, she couldn’t have possibly earned that type of change from lil’ homie. Let’s face it, Nas is not exactly the most commercially successful artist of our times. Four albums in 10 years, homie, I can divide. Alas, what choice does he have? He’s gonna have to cut down on his weed budget severely and perhaps not buy champagne in wholesale amounts.

But what’s really interesting is the amount this broad is getting. Not so much the magnitude but how petty and precise it is. At first, it was the single dollar that was a slap in the face. But this time, the judge must’ve re-upped on bile and angst. He went ahead and just made sure everything had crazy decimals on it. That’s like being told go to Hell….on foot…and then hang yourself…with a little string…by the nuts.

But I stand by my previous advice; homie better pay it all up with the swiftness. Hell, if I were Nasir, I’d put that $299,015 in Knight’s name and then walk over to Kelis’ studio and throw the two remaining quarters at her.

To the married brothers out there, hug your wife right about now. Squash whatever beef it is you think you have with that lady. This is the only way you can win.


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