Did I Really Like This? – Nas’ “Nastradamus”

04.12.13 5 years ago 27 Comments

Let me start things off by keeping it 100. Blame this series for pushing me towards revisiting the lowest point in Nas’ career. “Nastradamus” and anything associated with Nas’ dark times sits in my brain’s “forget this sh*t” folder. Nevertheless, we need to breathe some new life into this project at the expense of one of my favorite rappers. Let’s just make this quick then, ok?

Uninspired records like “Nastradamus” always wear out ears. However, when someone like Nas gets reduced to watered-down jiggy tripe for the masses, the end result falls well below what’s capable of the artist.

What’s worse is EPMD rocked the same J.B.’s sample on “Let The Funk Flow” better with practically identical sequencing 11 years prior to Nas. “Nastradamus” was merely OK with me before its new-single shine revealed the boredom underneath. Yet, after doing my homework in finding EPMD’s song, the realization made Nas’s lackluster effort burn worse.

EPMD made their nonchalant flow compelling with in-and-out verses that didn’t overextend themselves; however, Nas suffered from an identity crisis where he donned the party rapper hat. The finished products exhibited EPMD’s more natural, carefully constructed sound while Nas played the role of MC Generic. Nas’ flashy side oftentimes didn’t fit him, so the backlash behind “Nastradamus” was warranted.

But that’s enough. Click play, blame me or yourself for doing so and be on with it. Just be happy Nas is out of the cold these days. Plus, let’s hope he works with these guys while avoiding all calls from Swizz Beatz. “Summer On Smash Part 2” needs no chance at becoming a reality.

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