Nas’ Payments To Kelis Cut In Half

01.07.11 7 years ago 27 Comments

We all know that the Nas-Kelis divorce has not gone smoothly. It often seems like everyone across the globe has dropped a “Smarten up Nas” about the situation. But, here’s a break in that narrative. Over the weekend, Nasir managed to get his child and spousal support obligations cut to about $25,000 a month. Sounds like a lot, but it’s half of what he’d been paying up to this point.

It’s just one small positive thing in a series of negatives, but it’s heartening to see Nas get a win like this. Now, with this in his back pocket, talks of Lost Tapes II surfacing and a rumored signing to G.O.O.D., could this momentum swing lead to 2011 being Nasty Nas’ year?

Nas – Half the Man He Used to Be [TMZ]

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