“Nasty To Nas, Nas To Escobar…”

04.14.07 11 years ago 20 Comments

As a result of Nas Week, everybody kinda have the same question when you have that much material presented before you all @ once.

A good pal had the following inquiry, and while it took a while to compile (not by myself), we figured we’d share w/as many people as possible.

The Question

Anything on that Nas link you put up (great job on that too, much props) that features some harder to find tracks (actual tracks) that were not on LP’s? I’ve been looking to replenish my Ipod with harder to find Nas tracks that aren’t on his LP’s, early stuff, just really anything that has not appeared on an LP that is an actual track, not live performances or videos, remixes etc. Anything jump out at ya?

The Answer


Click to see the tracklisting & give it a listen.

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