The Primer: 10 Nate Dogg Songs Everyone Should Know

08.19.14 4 years ago 38 Comments
Nate Dogg Best Songs

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Nate Dogg was one of a kind. How many other artists have been featured on songs with nearly every big name in their genre, yet don’t get much love for their solo work? Unfortunately, many Hip-Hop fans these days don’t even know that the 213 crooner had his own albums, despite many of them being able to rap “Next Episode” and “Regulate” word-for-word.

Well, this Primer is meant to fix that. We’ve already highlighted many of Nate’s famed guest features on entries for his respective collaborators and focused on his numerous forgotten features. This list is meant to shine some light on all the stand-out, yet unappreciated solo work Nate The Great brought to the table over his decade-plus career.

Also, send one up for Nate as today would’ve been his 45th birthday.

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