“What You Know About My Hood?”

04.24.10 8 years ago 6 Comments

It seems Detroit makes the news more and more frequently these days. Chris Hansen — the Motor City native who carved his infamy with Dateline‘s “To Catch A Predator” series — recently reminded the world that not everyone in the Motor City is putting back brews with Kid Rock. Now my main man from Maryland hit me up, hootin’ and hollerin’ about how I needed to turn on National Geographic (or “Nat Geo” as he so trendily put it) because there was a show on, about cops dealing with the grimiest of grime, called Detroit Gang Squads.

Nothing too surprising there. But what did stand out to me was the show’s use of a music video from Joy Rd.’s native son Deezy. As in damn near every D-Boy’s favorite rapper, K-Doe AKA K-Deezy AKA the man who officially turned Joy Rd. into simply “Exit 9.”

This specific street anthem finds Deezy spitting some sixteens alongside a recycled version of the line that made him hood famous. But regardless, I applaud National Geographic — the cable television channel that brought you “The Dog Whisperer” — for playing a music video that drew zero interest outside of YouTube and the local late-night rap rundown.

Download — K-Deezy – “In My Hood”

Download — Jesse James Feat. K-Deezy & T-Woody – “I’m From Joy Rd”

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