13 Busty Women Who Should Definitely Take Part In “No Bra Day” Today

10.13.13 4 years ago 26 Comments


October is Breast Cancer Awareness month, as if the abundance of all pink everything didn’t make you aware. October 13th is even more special because someone (probably a guy) designated the date as “National No Bra” day*. Whether the idea is a way to genuinely support the breast cancer awareness cause or not, we still think these 13 breastiful ladies should let their voices be heard by way of letting thier boobies be seen.

And before anyone asks “WHERE IS….???!!11!1!” be sure to visit one of our previous boobies appreciation posts.

* – Apparently, Twitter managed to create its own “no bra day,” held on July 9 for the past three years. Are you complaining? Didn’t think so. Just mark your calendars now.

1. Mariah Carey

Mariah had twins long before she had twins.

Photo: Mariah Carey

2. Meagan Good

Megan had the Internet going nuts when she showed up and showed out at the BET Awards in March.

Photo: Getty

3. Larissa Riquelme

The Paraguayan model promised to run naked if her team won the World Cup. They lost but she still did it as a present to the players. #HonorableHooters

Photo: Getty

4. Jessica Gomes

This model from down under has a lot going up top.

Photo: Sports Illustrated

5. Alison Brie

If Brie popped her top, the whole Internet would explode.

6. Brooklyn Decker

Helloooo Brooklyn!

Photo: Sports Illustrated

7. Lola Monroe

Famous back, equally impressive rack.

Photo: Getty

8. Kim Kardashian

Kanye sure knows how to pick’em.

Photo: Getty

9. Draya Michele

Just because.

Photo: KING Magazine

10. Sofia Vergara

Yeah, we said no repeats but some sets just have to be grandfathered in and automatically included.

11. Christina Hendricks

See: Sofia Vergara

Photo: Getty

12. Evelyn Lozada

This former basketball wife turned former football wife has an inflated pair of boobs to go with her sense of self importance.

13. Teyana Taylor

If Teyana Taylor and Rihanna had a catfight, in which direction are you aiming your hopes of “c’mon titty?” Exactly.

Photo: Instagram

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