Nato Caliph – “Rules” Video

01.20.10 8 years ago 13 Comments

We were supposed to post this last week but in the wake of the Al Jazeera-influenced AIDS video, I figured most of you were scared enough & couldn’t stand any additional finger-waggin’ reminding you of how much of a bad idea it was to sleep with that one chick from the club whose name you never knew (much less forgot). Of course, it turned out to be a hoax and everybody’s back to humpin’ like jackrabbits. But Nato’s here with a bit of solemn, down-to-earth advice in the form of rhyme, reminding everybody to strap up, otherwise redbone Skeletor will be @ your door.

Download Nato Caliph – “Rules”

Aside: Nato has to be one of the illest names in the rap game period. I may make that my “club name.”

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