Natural Born (Fad) Killers

06.19.08 10 years ago 51 Comments

Words By David D.

Pic By The Warfare Collective

Like all popular music, Hip-Hop is all about trends and fads. All trends, though, come to an end and it takes a certain benchmark moment to kill these fads.

Back in the day the ultimate trend killer was, well, white people. When Black culture assimilated into the White American psyche, Black folks moved on to something else. I remember getting rid of my Wu Wear shirts when I saw a group of white people rocking the same brand. With the increased cross over appeal of Hip-Hop, White people have been able to keep their fingers on the pulse of what’s going on in the culture. I can’t just look to my White friends anymore to tell me when something has run its course. I have to rely on other signs that a fad has run its course. Ladies and gents, let’s look at some fad killers.


When Oprah introduces something on her show, it’s a wrap. I remember coming home from school and my mom showing me some new dance she learned on Oprah. Oprah has single-handedly given many moms across the country the liberty to induce their children’s gag reflexes by shaking their tailfeathers or Chicken Noodle Souping. Remember when her show would open with the studio audience raising the roof in, like, 2002? Exactly.

Bow Wow on the Vocorder

Everybody has been doing it. Weezy, Yeezy, Snoopy, Sneezy and Grumpy. T-Pain created a monster by making hit after hit with the help of the voicebox where talent used to be-e. Just when it was getting out of hand, Bow Weezy brought us back to earth by singing “Pole In My Basement“- an ode to strippers. Read that again. Somewhere Roger Troutman is begging the Lord for forgiveness.

Chris Brown on “A Milli”

We’ve heard 2,438 “Milli” freestyles over the last few week and four more have been made as I’ve typed this sentence. Some were great (Cory Gunz, Jigga) and some not so much. But I’ve heard the phrase “A Milli” so much I’m starting to hear it in my sleep. But for some reason, I can’t stop clicking on the track when it’s posted on this site.

That was until Chris Brown hopped on the track.

I could handle Lil’ Mama cuz she at least spit and spit pretty well. But MiJack Lite goes in and starts crooning on some soft shit halfway through. My money says this beat shall never be spat on again. Thanks Señor Breezy.

Those are the three fads and fad killers that pop into my head. As usual, sound off fam.

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Nas – Street Dreams VLS

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Mista Majah P – Jamaica Me Come From

Stray Shots

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