Swish!: NBA 2K11’s Demo Hits PS3, Xbox 360

09.14.10 7 years ago 23 Comments

Can’t wait for NBA 2k11 to drop? Fire up your console of choice (PS3 or Xbox 360), log on, and grab the game’s demo to tide you over until it hits stores on October 5. It’s only a sneak peak at the final product since your team choices are limited to the Lakers and the Celts. But sports demos are vital in that they show off much of what you’ll play in the final game. Moreover, devs have responded to fan feedback from demos and made improvements to the retail version as evidenced in Madden 11. That could open the door for Rajon Rondo to get an inhumane jumper if enough Boston heads complain. But I’m not holding my breath for that one.

I haven’t gotten a chance to play this demo yet. At any rate I hope the 2K team added substantial improvements over last year’s game when the product ships. 2K10 had a rocky launch at best so it’ll be interesting to see what they come up with other than including MJ.

Via Joystiq

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