NBA 2K12 Commercial: Michael Jordan, Drake & More Debate Greatest Team Ever

09.30.11 6 years ago 18 Comments

Video games really aren’t my expertise. Yet, if this NBA lockout continues, I may have to scrap together some pennies and cop NBA 2K12 pending it gets Cadet’s approval. Per the marketing department, the 2K family rallies together some familiar and not-so-familiar faces to debate the greatest team of all time in this 35 second clip. Here are some thoughts taken away from the commercial.

1. Michael Jordan’s fourth ring may be his favorite. How good was that 72-10 team though really?

2. I got a nice chuckle out of “Bird laid it up like a real man” line.

3. That ’91 Trailblazers squad was real.

4. Mark Cuban may very well get that trophy surgically attached to his body.

5. Probably not to offend his political connects, Drake said the Heat were best team of all time. Look, everyone knows where I stand with that team, but…f*ck it. Nevermind. Take Care drops October 24.

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