Online Ballin’: NBA 2K13’s Demo Will Feature Online Multiplayer

09.22.12 5 years ago 8 Comments

The NBA 2K13 series always pushes the envelope in basketball sim gaming. Online play, however, stands as one major aspect about the brand that’s fallen on hard times. The team has heard your complaints (again) and hopes to get the servers ready via this year’s demo. Players will be able to challenge each other via online quick matches: a first for NBA 2K’s demo releases.

Maintaining online play without drops has been a pain in the ass since 2K9. Additionally, NBA 2K’s devs made promises to improve their online experience in the past but ultimately fell short of their goals. Perhaps this run will prepare fans for the worst or surprisingly show off 2K’s dedication to the online playing crowd. We’ll find out what the case is when the demo launches on Tuesday.

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