Open Thread: Boston Celtics vs. Miami Heat In Eastern Conference Finals Game 6

06.07.12 6 years ago 80 Comments

Here we are. Game 6. A game that most people didn’t even think would be taking place. However, after an improbable comeback from the Celtics, the Heat face elimination and sure embarrassment of epic proportions if they go home without even reaching the Finals. A few thoughts to get the ball rolling:

1. The Heat were favorites to win this series. Big. They were favorites to beat the Mavericks last year. Cavs were favorites to beat Boston in 2010. And to beat Orlando in 2009. Yes, we’ll look back and say “well, Boston had a better team for reason A, B, etc.” but the fact remains that this will be the the fourth year in a row LeBron’s lost a series he went in as the favorite. Fact.

2. If the Celtics win the order will go: Havlicek steals the ball, there’s a steal by Bird and Pierce all up in LeBron’s mug for three. In that order. Also, this win is just as improbable as Bill Russell’s last title win, facing a younger Lakers team and being prohibitive underdogs in the series.

3. People are writing Miami off, but if they come back and win then win a championship, this will be the game that defines their post-season (and dynasty?) run. These are the games that make heroes, kids. Plus we can’t write off Boston’s uncanny inability to close out series’.

4. Three minutes. That’s how long it’ll take before the conspiracy theorists come out. The referees are going to be as scrutinized as LeBron going in to this game.

5. 1,289,568. That’s the number of hilarious memes we’ll see if the Heat lose.

That’s all I got for now. Until then, watch this insane video comparing how Boston announced their Big 3 to the Heat announcing theirs. In many ways, all you need to know about how we ended up in this position is exemplified in this four-minute clip.

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