NBA Elite 11 Demo Drives Towards PS3, Xbox 360

09.23.10 7 years ago 17 Comments

The sports demos just seem to pile on these days. This time NBA Elite (PS3, Xbox 360) would like to make you a believer with a sample of the game. Getting some of y’all to try Elite – aka NBA Live Electric Boogaloo – is akin to pulling teeth given Live’s track record. At any rate, I got some time to check it out recently and have a few impressions.

The much ballyhooed control scheme is pretty intuitive on offense for iso situations. It’s not hard to learn and you get a good feel for scoring from a guard or swingman’s perspective. But, at least in my experience, it was all downhill from there when it came time to run with the Lakers, Celtics and the rookie showcase. Perhaps I’m not coordinated enough for Elite’s new style of play. But I had a hard time playing defense on the perimeter, scoring with my back to the basket, contesting shots and grabbing boards among other skills. It felt like the controls were good for superstar scorers like its cover athlete, and one of my favorite NBA players, Kevin Durant. Yet they weren’t efficient, in my opinion, at doing other vital tasks that come with playing basketball.

My inability to play Elite well likely stems from me being so used to 2K Ball. With that in mind I can see how people might not wrap their heads around Elite’s controls outside of playing strictly face to the basket. It’s just a demo and I gave it a fair shake. But I’m not sold on what it had to offer.

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