NBA Fast Break: Ty Lawson Serves Jodie Meeks, Mavs Win, Indiana Loses Again, Que Sera, Sera

03.08.14 4 years ago 12 Comments

From a volume perspective, Friday night was brimming with NBA action.

From a quality perspective? A lot of duds to sift through, minus ESPN’s decision to go all 16-bit for the Bulls-Grizz match-up.

Thanks be to the teams who call the Western Conference home. And shame on the East. I know it’s a cliche to talk about the NBA’s inequality, but my Cavs should not be four games out of a playoff spot with a 24-39 record. They should not be statistically better than five other teams in their own conference. And Memphis should not be sitting out of the dance with a 35-26 record. Gaaahhhhhhhhh DO SOMETHING ADAM SILVER.

Dallas 103, Portland 98

Rick Carlsile is out here coaching his ass off: Dallas is seventh in the NBA in points per game and fourth in assists. The Mavs are doing this with a group of 2005 NBA All-Stars: Dirk Nowitzki, Vince Carter (yup, he’s still in the league!) and Shawn Marion. Aided by Jose Calderon (who is 32) and Monta Ellis (a spring chicken at 28), they’re holding onto that eighth seed for dear life. A win over the dangerous Trailblazers will definitely put some wind in Dallas’ sails.

Denver 132, Lakers 126

My God, Jodie Meeks, are you okay? As if the Lakers ship couldn’t sink any lower than Thursday night’s embarrassing beatdown, they end up with another shameful moment like this to add to a season’s worth of lows, losing to the Nuggets in the process.

Houston 112, Indiana 86

So, should we focus more on the Rockets’ success, or the Pacers’ continued woes? Lets go with the former. Houston might not be keeping pace with Oklahoma City or San Antonio, but if you’re a basketball fan, you have to be curious if the Rockets’ ALL-THE-THREES-IN-THE-WORLD offense will transfer to the postseason.

Conversely, Indiana has all the time in the world to get the ship settled.

Memphis 85, Chicago 77

The sentiment was previously stated, but to repeat: it’ll be a shame if the Grizzlies are left out in the cold. Marc Gasol, Zach Randolph and Mike Conley are proving as resilient as ever, an away victory over that incredibly tough Bulls squad (Tom Thibodeau for Coach Of The Year) keeping the spirits up. They’ll need plenty more performances like that down the stretch.

Anthony Davis 1, Miroslav Radulijica 0

Your season might be a wash, Pelicans fans, but at least you have another month of Ant Davis highlights to look forward to. The second year man is averaging 20 points, 10 rebounds, 3 blocks and 1.5 steals per game.

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