We’ve Officially Hit Rock Bottom With The NBA Lockout

10.21.11 6 years ago 36 Comments

The evening of October 20, 2011, will forever be known as one of the darker days the pro basketball has experienced in the past 20 years. Something felt different about these recent talks. As much as any fan tried not to, optimism was raised. There was no way the league would stand in their own way of not continuing on the run of popularity the past few seasons have helped spawn. There was faith. There was a sliver of hope off in the distance.

And then David Stern caught the flu causing the gates of Hell to open up and take what looks like any hope for a season right along with it. In what will be discussed for weeks to come, the seemingly good will that was generated from two days of negotiations ended abruptly after a Board of Governors meeting all but pissed on any trust that was established beforehand. It was like damn near like getting a girl in bed only to find out her time of the month was on. Well, it was something like that. Either way you’re left depressed and only with the images of what could’ve been. The day the talks broke down symbolize the large difference between this stoppage and the NFL’s. The NBA may actually be about that life.

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