NBA Lockout Report: LeBron Plays Flag Football

09.15.11 6 years ago 10 Comments

Fresh off NBAPA executive director Billy Hunter’s word that the lockout will continue indefinitely, LeBron decided to throw around the old pigskin with some pals in Central Park a few nights ago. Oh, wait. The random New Yorkers who had the Miami Heat superstar approach their flag football game had no idea the 6’8″ megastar was dropping by? Norbel just happened to be walking casually down the concrete streets of NYC, having a debate about Obama’s new job plan with his body guard, when he decided to ask if he could jump in on a unisex social club league? According to an excerpt from a player on the league’s the league’s website, that’s exactly what happened.

“He just randomly walked into the field and went up to one of the teams that was standing on the sidelines and said, “Hey are you guys done?” Everyone was like “No no no! Come play!” He played on the Military team (Untouchables). He quarterbacked, played defense, and wide receiver. He caught two interceptions, which were pretty impressive, and then he took a picture with us! When he scored a touchdown he did the Cat Daddy dance, which I then did too and we had a little dance off. He was there for 10-15 minutes with a guy who was either bodyguard, or a friend, or both! Then he left!”

And he didn’t even say thanks? What a jerk.

Cred: Slam

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