Carmelo Anthony’s The Most “Overpaid” Player In The NBA?

04.06.13 5 years ago 23 Comments

Forget Carmelo Anthony’s recent scoring tear where he’s put up at least 40 points in three straight games. He’s still the most overpaid player in the NBA, according to Forbes latest list published on Friday. The Knicks shooter joined nine others on the publication’s “NBA’s Most Overpaid Players List” composed of “scorers that don’t do other things well and that don’t shoot a solid percentage from the field tend to be overvalued.”

How did Melo top the list? He’s inefficient as a scorer.

“…The focal point of the Knicks’ offense all season, Anthony’s 28.1 points per game trails Oklahoma City’s Kevin Durant for the league lead by a just a whisker.

“Except, Anthony isn’t Durant. Despite making about $2.7 million more this season, he isn’t even close. Durant gets his points taking four fewer shots per game than Anthony does (18 vs. 22). He shoots 50.5% from the floor to Anthony’s 44%. Durant averages 4.4[..]ists per game compared to Anthony’s 2.6, and 7.9 rebounds to Anthony’s 6.4.

“As the new breed of statistical analysts like to point out, a primary scorer using extra shots to get his points means fewer shots for others (and hence fewer chances for additional points for the team).[..]ists lead directly to points, and every rebound gives your team a possession, which means a chance to score. Durant, in short, is an efficient player whose numbers translate into wins for his club. The same is true for LeBron James, Chris Paul and Tim Duncan. But not for Carmelo Anthony. And that’s why, at a 2012-13 salary of $19.4 million, Anthony tops our list as the NBA’s most overpaid player.”

The full list of players and their salaries below. For a full justification and how each made the list, visit Forbes.

1. Carmelo Anthony (New York Knicks) – $19.4 million
2. Ben Gordon (Charlotte Bobcats) – $12.4 million
3. Joe Johnson (Brooklyn Nets) – $19.75 million
4. Hedo Turkoglu (Orlando Magic) – $11.8 million
5. Dirk Nowitzki (Dallas Mavericks) – $20.9 million
6. Corey Maggette (Detroit Pistons) – $10.9 million
7. Rudy Gay (Toronto Raptors) – $16.5 million
8. Stephen Jackson (San Antonio Spurs) – $10.1 million
9. Chris Kaman (Dallas Mavericks) – $8 million
10. Arron Afflalo (Orlando Magic) – $7.8 million

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