NBA Finally Decides To Fine Floppers

09.28.12 5 years ago 31 Comments

After years of hinting, the NBA is finally implementing penalties for players who “flop.” For the uninitiated, flopping is the act of pretending to be fouled by another player, as a result of minimal contact, or sometimes no contact at all.

Vlade Divac, the patron saint of flopping, mastered the act in his post-Laker career with the Sacramento Kings, and the tradition has carried on, much to the chagrin of many NBA fans, to this day. Now, via post-game evaluations not unlike the ones currently used by league officials to evaluate flagrant fouls, players Oscar-worthy performances will be subject to scrutiny and consequences.

I don’t often give him credit, but the evil, Dumbo-eared, dark overlord David Stern finally got one right. When he isn’t rigging NBA draft results, insinuating that media personalities are wife-beaters, or otherwise just being an ornery old cuss, Stern is usually implementing rules that, in this writer’s opinion, are not always good for the game. The new penalties for flopping, however, signals a happy day for every fan who has witnessed a 6’11” 300 pound man drop like a sniper’s target from a slight nudge by a 180 pound point guard.

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