Ne-Yo Ft. Wiz Khalifa – “Don’t Make Em Like You”

10.03.12 5 years ago 3 Comments

Listen to Ne-Yo’s “Don’t Make Em Like You” and one thing’s for certain – Wiz Khalifa’s a changed man. Much of that is to be expected from a guy who has found a woman he believes to be the one for him, who also happens to have a little bundle of joy baking in the oven.

Wiz is 25 and right now he’s got it figured out, just like everybody else at the same age. Plus, he’s rich. His giddiness gushes all over the track to the point where it reads as if Amber was either peeking over his shoulder helping him place words to finish out lines or at least strongly on his mind as he talks about “eating breakfast in the morning while we reading all the comments.” (Wiz and Amber, are you reading this?)

As much as it may feel right to say “aww, slim ain’t the same”, we must admit that he probably damn well shouldn’t be. Nobody acts the same when new nookie comes into the picture and anybody who tells you different has either a.) probably never had an outstanding piece of ass that had them uncharacteristically grabbing their coat to chase that man/woman down the street, word to Tank and/or b.) never really loved unselfishly enough to know that it requires sacrifice and change.

Young Khalifa has. For Wiz the person, it translates over into what we see and hear in Wiz, the entertainer. The verses and interviews professing his love for Amber and shunning groupies? Dressing funny with those tiny suits where his ankles show? Part of the game, part of the change.

Now, will it all last? How the hell should I know? I do know we all hit these miraculous growth and maturity stages where life takes on a certain clarity at certain ages. Throwing at random numbers, let’s say they come around 16, 18, 21, 25, 27 or so and then after that, hell, you just start learning new shit daily. Right now, we’re watching a guy who the industry once discarded climb his way all the way back to the top while racking in beacoup dough. He’s seemingly in love and that’s what he’s making songs about, with a little help from a women whose eyes, I’ve always cautioned, are not to be looked into directly.

I guess he doesn’t read my words after all.

“Don’t Make Em Like You,” featuring Wiz Khalifa, will be featured on Ne-Yo’s upcoming album R.E.D, which arrives in stores on November 6th.

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