Dear Internet, This Isn’t How You Mourn Mandela or Paul Walker

Life Writer
12.06.13 37 Comments

I saw this coming. I’m sure we all did. I knew f*ckery was going to ensue once news broke that Nelson Mandela had passed away. Yet, being the foolishly naive woman that I am, I still held on to hope that the Internet would not go in the direction it went in in mourning the South African leader’s passing.

Internet, you don’t mourn Nelson Mandela by opening up your favorite image editor and creating a well-intentioned meme. What part of the mourning process says “Hey, I’m going to tribute both Mandela and Paul Walker by joining their faces together” because I never want to go to there.

I’m going to be foolish again and say these were all created by people with good hearts. But goddammit, this isn’t the way, you guys. Not like this. Not at all.

Image: Getty

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