Nena Yvonne – “Don’t Know”

03.14.10 8 years ago 3 Comments

For as much shit as I talk about pop music, I still find myself enthralled by the bouncy backdrops from a few of these cheesy pieces of congeniality. The driving drum tracks accompanying the synth symphonies are neck-breaking and if overexposed divas like Britney and GaGa didn’t get first dibs, I’d probably give them the allotted bang they deserve. But, I try not to support fame monsters.

Nena Yvonne, however, her music’s still safe.

Even though this 21-year-old Big Apple beauty is only ’emerging’ on the pop scene, her production is on par with her Clear Channel counterparts, allowing for stubborn music cynics like myself to get past the initial screening and actually enjoy the flyness being flaunted. “Don’t Know Me” is a perfect example. This featured track from her Model Citizen EP might not be the most vocally evoking, but it’s beat could be 2010’s version of “Sweet Dreams” and should be good enough to put Nena on par with the Cassie’s of the world.


Download — Nena Yvonne – “Don’t Know Me”

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