Nesby Phips – Floorsleeps V (Beat Tape)

07.06.12 5 years ago

Some projects just don’t need the hassle of a rapper, as seen with Chase’s new creation. Enter Nesby Phips’ Floorsleepers V mixtape. The beautiful quality about the release centers around the fact all the instrumentals were hand crafted by him and his team consisting of Jonasty, Teddy Ruck-Spin, Trakspecialist and 3M Productions. That and its ability to blend in almost any setting.

— Getting home after a hard day at work? Pour up a drink, collapse on the couch and press play.

— Studying for a final or writing an important paper? Press play and let it play on repeat in the background.

— Weekend cookout? Do the same thing and allow it to be the soundtrack as people mix, mingle and get twisted.

— Cooking dinner? Well, you get the point by now.

Don’t pass up on this. Phips and the team did all the work anyway. All you have to do? That’s right. Press play.

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