Netflix Launches Profiles, “Instant Queue” Becomes “My List”

08.26.13 4 years ago 18 Comments


Netflix has been making a lot of changes as of late to keep up with their growing popularity.

One major demand is the personalization of streaming material per profile to become more customizable. Most folks share their account with their spouse, kids, etc. and are advertised shows and movies according to your history or pre-set preferences.

So occasionally, the recommendations got mixed up, referring you to 13 Going On 30, and your girl to Sharknado. You’d have some explaining to do. Netflix saw that this could be departmental to relationships and business, and went on and added the update to the profiles servers.

Another change includes ‘My List’, which had been in beta for some time. Instead of the ‘instant queue’, My List makes it easier to share your account with people in other states so they aren’t f**king up your systemically scheduled shows and movies.

Good job, Netflix.

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