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09.16.11 6 years ago 20 Comments

K. aka Arrogantly

Netflix Stock Plummets After Price Hikes Take Effect [Moviefone]

Swizz Beatz’s Jump Off Christina Elizabeth On Sexting Scandal [The Urban Daily]

We May Not Have The NBA, But We Still Have Basketball [ETSF]

Elizabeth, The Other Olsen Sister [GQ]

New Underground Bunker Ensures Porn Stars Will Survive the Apocalypse [Film Drunk]

10 Plays To Improve Your Skin [AskMen]

Jobless Claims Rise To 428,000 In A Week [NewsOne]

Erin Andrews Is Either Dead Or Exercising [With Leather]

Rapper Tim Dog Pleads Guilty To Grand Larceny [HHDX]

Suspended Animation FDA-Approved For Human Trials [Gamma Squad]

This Guy’s Mugshot Will Haunt Your Dreams Forever [Uproxx]

12 Cases of The Unexplained, Disappearing TV Character [Pajiba]

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