So Who’s The Mysterious Artist Planning A ‘Beyonce-Esque’ Album Release With iTunes?

03.18.14 4 years ago 77 Comments


Remember when Beyonce pulled the sneak attack of all sneak attacks last December, somehow singlehandedly shattering Twitter and Instagram in a single swipe? The move may have pissed some industry execs off, but one company it didn’t was iTunes who saw staggering, damn-near meteoric numbers with the guerilla-type album release.

Like most humans, when something feels good the first time, nine times out of 10 they’ll run back to the well to reciprocate the high. Such logic remains explicitly valid when the almighty dollar is the common denominator. Per Digital Music News, expect a similar blindside launch in the near future.

”[iTunes] and Beyoncé are very happy with the results of that exclusive,” one source close to Apple shared at SXSW, referring to the ground-breaking launch several months ago. ”So you’re going to see something similar coming up, [unnamed artist] really likes the idea.”

“I’m not sure it will top Beyoncé, but it will be ‘Beyoncé-esque’ let’s just say.”

The source went on to reveal the unnamed artist is still working on the fine details of the release and whether he/she will provide some sort of pre-release notification to fans as opposed to an undisclosed surprise drop.

But one thing is certain, according to our sources: this artist will be working direct-to-fan channels like Twitter, email, Facebook, SMS and several other channels ‘very aggressively,’ with ‘special giveaways and bonuses’ for the most dedicated and interested fans. ”There may be something to reward the best fans,” one of the sources with knowledge of the deal relayed, while pointing to a possible live concert tie-in. Beyond that hint, there were no further details on that aspect.

Now lies the biggest question of them all. Who the hell is the artist?

For those that don’t mind holding their breath, the Andre 3000/Jay Electronica recluse tag team sounds like a provocative idea. But with Nicki Minaj already hinting at a similar type of release on Angie Martinez’s show awhile back and Rihanna having been abnormally quiet for an extended period of time, they could be considered safe bets.

But here’s the x-factor in it all, Adele, whose new album has long been said to be arriving some time in 2014. Agree? Disagree? Someone left off? Feel free to travel down further and further in the rabbit hole with me in the comments.

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