New Chipotle “Scarecrow” Ad Does The Impossible, Gives Us New Reason To Go To Chipotle

09.17.13 4 years ago 17 Comments

chipotle viral ad lead

If you think about it, the quality of fast food commercials is usually pretty comparable to the quality of fast food being offered. McDonald’s is the lowest common denominator, with their incredibly unrealistic depiction of attractive 20-somethings eating and mingling at the golden arches. Wendy’s is equally annoying, even if their main actress seems to get hotter (and more annoying) the more we see her.

Leave it to Chipotle, a land rich in milk, honey and carnitas, to drop an ad that could easily be ran before a Pixar movie.

Dubbed “The Scarecrow,” it doesn’t even make me want to eat at Chipotle as much as it makes me re-evaluate exactly what I put in my body. Genetically modified farming and the practices that go with it don’t qualify as news, but seeing things in this light is, to quote William Shakespeare, trippy and bothersome.

Next time you see me taking down a double-steak bowl with extra black beans and want to know why I’m flashing the most self-satisfied grin you’ve ever seen, it could be be because I’m taking down a double-steak bowl with extra black beans, or it could be because I’m supporting an incredible restaurant that would appear to have their sh*t together. One of the two.

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