Jim Jones on Dipset Reunion Album: “It’s Going Down”

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02.13.14 15 Comments

Before writing this up, I had to ask myself whether or not an older me cared about a Dipset album 10+ years after their classic debut.*

The answer was a surprising “yes.”

The “only movement moving” was just so strong in them New York City streets (and across the globe) that for nostalgic purposes, I would like to see it again. However, if there’s one thing these rappin’ ass rappers have taught me, aside from negotiating better drug prices and buying instead of leasing, it’s never get your hopes up when there’s talks of an album. But let Jim Jones tell it, a Dipset reunion record is “going down.”

During Camron’s big New York Fashion Week cape debut with Mark McNairy on Tuesday, Miss Info caught up with Dipset’s Fonzarelli and the Harlemite shared an update on the long-awaited project.

“Always,” Jim said in regards to whether or not the album is in motion. Then Dame chimed in: “Always, I bring it up everyday.” Jim continued: “Actually I kinda fucked up yesterday. Cam hit me up to do some music but I didn’t hit him back til like 4 in the morning. I was in studio actually with Juelz before Cam hit me. The wait is not long, trust me, I’m tired of waiting, too. It’s coming.”

Yeah, I’m not getting my hopes up. Still, I’ll be keeping my Dipset merch close by just in case though.

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*-Diplomatic Immunity 2 doesn’t count. It doesn’t exist.

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