This ‘6 God’ May Or May Not Be A New Drake Song

08.19.14 4 years ago 8 Comments

Supposedly, there’s a new Drake song snippet floating around the Internet. It’s very Drake-y if you listen to it, which means the beat skitters like a bunch of frightened kittens and Drake’s shouting like he’s talking sh*t.

Only the alleged Drake snippet didn’t come from anyone within the OVO camp or Drake himself, but some random Instagram user named morethanaman_egh. The user originally uploaded it about 12 hours ago but OVO must’ve gotten to him because now it’s gone. Luckily, it lives on on YouTube as “6 God.”

The video’s sound quality is crap since, in the original IG clip, morethanaman_egh appeared to be playing the snippet from his computer, and morethanaman_egh was also annoyingly mouthing the words the entire time the snippet played.

As for how the kid got the snippet, no one knows–MTV News couldn’t even verify if the snippet was a Drizzy track. Listen to the snippet above and determine for yourself. Drake’s currently in New York with Lil Wayne tonight, so maybe he’ll provide verification about the snippet’s authenticity by dropping a late-night full-length version as he’s wont to do.

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