“I May Do It Myself”

07.18.09 9 years ago 13 Comments

“I’m so Brooklyn!”

A story.

While young Contra was looking at the above lid, a close friend deemed it fitting to blurt out the following statement.

“Brooklyn aggins be reppin’ extra hard all the time for no damn reason, man.”

He must have sensed the disciplining that was afoot so he appended this question.

“What’s so great about BK besides all the legends that were born there?”

I thought up a myriad of things to spew back, all witty, all insightful and all reasons why Kings County residents have supersized chips on their shoulders. But instead I opted to go with an approach more tailored to this particular situation.

“Son, you’re just hating cause you’re from Vermont.”

He whimpered and choked as he changed topics.


I say that to say this. This fitted was created with the sole purpose of inciting incidents like the above narrated. That and Spike Lee probably called in a favor.

All it needs is a map of the borough with train tracks and all on the inner lining, the bridge on the right side panel and a Biggie quote on the size tag to make non-Brooklynites more uncomfortable. Love it.

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