This New Frank Ocean Snippet Is Low Quality But It Will Just Have To Do For Now

02.29.16 2 years ago
2014 Bonnaroo Arts And Music Festival - Day 3

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There’s literally no information out about this low quality snippet of what’s presumably new Frank Ocean music. All I know is fansite Team Frank Daily posted a SoundCloud link in the wee hours of the morning on Monday, with the caption, “A new Frank Ocean snipped [sic] has leaked.”

Sucks that we have to deal with unfinished, low-quality, recorded with a flip-phone recordings because Frank keeps playing games with our hearts. But hey, on the upside, this has to mean the album is coming right? RIGHT?! Dammit, Francis!

(Embed no longer available.)

Last April, the Grammy winner announced he was planning on releasing his highly anticipated sophomore album, Boys Don’t Cry, in July 2015. We’re going on a year since that original announcement. A year. This is why it’s better when artists shut up and pull a Beyonce on fans. It’s so much better than lying about a release date and getting everyone’s hopes up. Looking at you, Maxwell. At this point, the chances of Maxwell ever releasing blackSUMMERS’night are about as slim as the credit card I would’ve used to purchase said album.

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