That New Goodie Mob Album We Waited Damn Near 10 Years For Now Has A Release Date

04.05.13 5 years ago 12 Comments

Almost a decade and a couple of false starts in the making, the Goodie Mob album fans have waited for may actually see the light of day. Today, Ceel-Lo’s manager spread the news that there’s a title and release date for the project: Age Against the Machine set for June 18th. And there’s a tour coming to support it. Per Fuse:

“…The manager for founding member Cee Lo revealed to Fuse, the group have officially slated June 18 for the album’s release.

“‘When he’s not on stage [for Las Vegas show Cee Lo Is Loberace], he’s in the studio down the block making music for the new Goodie Mob record and the new Cee Lo Green album coming in October,’ Cee Lo’s manager Larry Mestel tells Fuse.

“‘It’s future-sounding,’ says Mestel. ‘It’s not really what you would think Goodie Mob would be. I think people will be surprised in a positive way when they hear it.’ Mestel also revealed that the group is planning on putting together a tour to support the album.”

The last time all the original members were heard together was on the track “Is That You God?,” which kind of left fans wanting more. Prior to that, Cee-Lo’s last appeared with the group for 1999’s World Party.

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