Action Bronson – “Set It Off”

05.05.11 7 years ago 4 Comments

Action Bronson has built his name on music that, according to our very own Teef, “is what rap from NYC should sound like.” I agree with that statement, and dude is definitely New York City to the core. Flushing, Queens is his stomping grounds and his voice bears more than a healthy resemblance to Ghostface’s. However, Bronson’s making his own set of unique moves.

In the near-future, he’s set to release a mixtape featuring only classic Southern beats, entitled Commanders Palace. For first cut from the project, he tackles Juvenile’s “Set It Off.” And not to fear, the man’s vivid images and creative wordplay still shine over the different style of production, with topics as disparate as herbal mind supplements, Arvydas Sabonis and the Crippler Crossface all flitting past in the eclectic bars. Instead of resting on his laurels, Bronson’s chosen to push the boundaries of his comfort zone. That’s always a good thing to see, especially when it’s done this well.

Action Bronson – “Set It Off”

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